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The Wishing Garden

Welcome to the Wishing Garden, where, with your help, we’ll fulfill the wish lists of shelter animals in both Marion and Marlboro Counties, South Carolina.  We’ll be taking a box truck full of supplies down to them on April 6-7.

Both groups work tirelessly to care for the huge number of homeless pets in their counties, often with very few resources. 


Here’s how it works:

  • We’ve asked these groups for their wishlists, and we’ll be collecting donations for the items below.

  • Each of the animals below is a current resident (as of this posting) of one of the two shelters, and each has his or her own wishlist posted below their pic.

  • Each item is also represented as a “wish” on the trees below. Once a wish is fulfilled, we’ll replace it with a leaf or a flower so that, by the time we’ve fulfilled all of the wishes, we’ll have a Wishing Garden in full bloom!

  • If you wish to donate an item, please see the paypal buttons below to make a donation.

  • The items for which you are donating will not be delivered to you.We will purchase them with the donated funds, and will drive them down to South Carolina to deliver.

  • If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know in the comments section of PayPal.Otherwise we will list your name in the Donor Section below.

  • One of the shelters needs 40 igloo houses for their outdoor runs. Their dogs currently only have blue barrels (pictured below), which do not provide great shelter from the cold or insulation from the heat. Because this is such a tall order, Tails of Hope will match funds for this part of the fundraiser. You don’t need to donate the full amount for a dog house—any amount is great and will be added to the total.

  • Check back daily to see our garden bloom with much-needed supplies and our donor list below grow!

As always, thank you all SO much for your continued support of this portion of our mission! 

Bruce's Wishlist

Donate something from Bruce's wishlist:

Deputy's Wishlist

Donate something from Deputy's wishlist:

Sheba's Wishlist

Donate something from Sheba's wishlist:

Yogi's Wishlist

Donate something from Yogi's wishlist:

Porsche's Wishlist

Donate something from Porsche's wishlist:

Hope's Wishlist

Donate towards the houses on Hope's wishlist:

Bucky's Wishlist

Donate something from  Bucky's wishlist:

Callie's Wishlist

Donate something from Callie's wishlist:

The Pet Food Tree

The Bully Stick Tree

The Cleaning Supply Tree

The Kong StuffingTree

The Collar and LeashTree

The Cat SupplyTree

The Bowl and Pill PocketTree

The Igloo Dog House Tree

Our Amazing Donors!

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