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12 x 12 Fundraiser

We’re looking for folks who would like to commit to an automatic $12/month donation for the next 12 months*  Our goal is to have 50 people sign up, which would put $7,000 more in our coffers, and help to balance the budget.  Since I try to put my money where my mouth is, I (Kelly) will be the first to sign up and make this commitment to Tails of Hope.


Finding an extra $12/month could be as simple as:

  • Not buying Starbucks one day out of the week (your dog won’t mind if you’re a little cranky due to caffeine deprivation!)

  • Forgoing a fast food meal once or twice during the month (cats don’t like fries anyway, right?)

  • Skip one movie night out (stay in and cuddle with your furry friends instead!)

  • Carpool once a month (you’ll help the environment AND our animal friends)

  • Skip ordering one drink with your meal at a restaurant (and get drunk on your pet’s love instead!)

  • Wash your car instead of taking it to the car wash (your dog might LOVE to help with the hose)

  • Use coupons online or at the grocery store (just don’t skimp on your cat’s food—she’ll know it!)


We're being a little tongue-in-cheek here, but the point is, many of us could pretty easily find an extra $12 a month.  If you are one such person and would like to help Tails of Hope, please click the Subscribe button on the left below.  If you'd prefer to make a one-time flat donation, you can use the Donation button on the right. 

*While ideally we’d ask for a 1-year commitment, donors have the option to terminate their monthly donation at any time.  We've included enhanced donation options as well, if anyone would like to donate a bit more.

12 x 12 Members

1.    Kelly Gillis

2.    Sandy Shoffler

3.    Janice Pesyna

4.    Marla Stahl

5.    Lynn Johnson

6.    Chris Knake

7.    Carol Lee Mutchler

8.    Janice Ring

9.    Shannon Karcher

10.  Gail Noren

11.   Susan Nierenberg

12.  Bonnie Rubin

13.  Sharon McDowell

14.  Mike & Sue Hempen

15.  Amy Porter

16.  Maureen Nichols

17.  Amy Landry

18.  Mariana Uhrlaub

19.  Jane Thompson

20. Carol Summers

21.  Heidi Weber

22.  Marjorie McShane

23.  Renee Parcover

24.  Brenda Hopkins

25.  Kathy Gerjets

26.  John Kemprowski

27.  Lou Peters

28.  Lindy Whetzel

29.  Terry Zetlmeisl

30.  Michelle Fuller

31.  Alyssa Larimore

32.  Griffin Brodman

33.  Catherine Eisold

34.  Becky Martin

35.  Kristin Blais

36.  Sharon Rhodes

37.  Kenneth & Nancy Brock

38.  Christl Orlando

39.  Bill & Betty Hicks

40.  Carol Brown

41.  Heather Stevens

42.  Gretchen Burns

43.  Elizabeth Pennington

44.  Mary Hill

45.  Brian Taylor

46.  Zita Macinanti

47.  Stephanie Martin

48.  Jeannette Bingaman

49.  Aneisha Persuad

50.  Syd Rubin

51.  Anonymous

52.  Crystal Winkler

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