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Our Bios


Sue Hempen

Sue’s love for animals and nature goes back to her childhood growing up with parakeets, fish, hamsters and a couple purebred collies and a loveable all American mutt!  Her first dog as an adult was Murray, a handsome golden/shepherd/hound mix who was rescued off of the harsh streets of Detroit.  Her current dogs, Riley and Kelsey, are rescue dogs as well.  Sue started her rescue work as a volunteer coordinator and event organizer.  As a registered dietitian, Sue brings a nutritional awareness to the table, not just of how factory farming can negatively affect our health and the environment, but also of the incredible cruelty and suffering these factory farm animals endure.  Her knowledge, experience, and compassion lend themselves perfectly to the humane education and wellness aspect of our mission.  Sue lives in Virginia with her husband Mike and their two dogs.

Kelly Gillis

Kelly’s mom notes that her love of animals, dogs and horses in particular, began pretty much right out of the womb, and she never met a dog she didn’t like.  She has been involved in rescue work for more than ten years, after adopting her first rescue, Riley, from Tails of Hope in 2003.  She is passionate about the plight of homeless animals and dreams of a day when all animals are cherished and treated with dignity and compassion.  Her other passions include singing and playing keys in a local garage band, and she embraces her inner domestic goddess through her love of cooking and crafting.  She works for NASA and lives in Western Howard County with her beloved rescue, Newfoundland / Bernese Mountain Dog mix, Loki.

Kelsey and Riley


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