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Give a Dog a Dollar

On Saturday, October 2, Tails of Hope Volunteers will be mobilizing all over the area, setting up outside local businesses to collect donations for our mission. The theory is that many folks can spare a dollar to help homeless animals and the hope is that some folks can spare more.

This year, our theme is "Paws vs. Claws"--we'll have separate buckets for cats and dogs and see who comes out on top! Are you team cat or team dog?  Donate below to show your team spirit!














Current Total:  $1331.58                                        Current Total:  $2,746.59

Team Claws (Cats)                                         Team Paws (Dogs)




Want to volunteer that day? Check out our Sign Up Sheet.

Big thanks to the businesses below for allowing us to set up for GADAD!

George's Girls

Mt. Airy, MD

Jimmie Cone

Mt. Airy, MD

Mt. Airy Commons

The Last Word Bookstore

Mt. Airy, MD

Mt. Airy Inn

Mt. Airy, MD

Mt. Airy Liquors

Mt. Airy, MD

Tractor Supply

Mt. Airy, MD


Eldersburg, MD

Southern States

Mt. Airy, MD

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