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Humane Education


We’re in the process of developing a Humane Education Program that we’ll be taking into the school system, as well as providing outreach programs to the community and faith-based programs for churches.


Topics we’ll address include…

  • Dog bite prevention

  • Proper care for pets

  • Bonding with your pet

  • Choosing the right kind of pet for your family

  • How to approach a dog or cat

  • Respect for animals

  • Substances that are toxic to pets

  • Factory farming vs. Sustainable eating


At most of our events we offer a plush pet “adoption” for children, for a small donation.  Each adoptive child receives his or her choice of a stuffed dog or cat, a humane education based coloring book, and a booklet that allows the child to track important milestones in the pet’s life, and also teaches proper care.


We believe it’s vital to teach children from a young age the importance of respecting animals and caring for them in a loving, responsible way.  No child is born with an innate cruelty towards animals; they learn it from observing adults in their environment.  By fostering compassion in children, we hope to break the cycle of violence and cruelty towards animals of all kinds as we work towards a violence and cruelty-free world.

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