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Poe's Story



To help defray Poe's $500 donation cost, please click here:

Bruised, battered, and emaciated, with a badly injured leg, lung worms, and mange, Poe, formerly Red, somehow found himself in a rural kill shelter. When Tails of Hope saw his before photo, we wanted to help this poor, senior guy, so we donated $500 to his care. Poe was pulled by a local rescue group and was nursed back to health, which unfortunately included the amputation of his leg.


When his now adoptive mom Tracey saw him, she knew she wanted to make him a part of her home. Tracey tells us that Poe has adjusted quite well in their home. “He is wonderful.  He has perfect manners, as I’ve found most older dogs that I’ve adopted do. He was completely house-broken, doesn’t chew, and he prefers his bed over the sofa.” 


Poe lives with cats, horses, llamas, alpacas and a goat and he gets along fine with everyone.  Tracey noted that, “he would not be alive and happy today if it were not for all of the great and caring people and organizations helping out dogs like him.”  Our heartfelt thanks to Tracey and her family for opening their hearts and their homes to this dear boy. Poe’s life might have ended tragically, but instead, he will live out the rest of his days surrounded by comfort and love. 

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