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Periwinkle's Story



Periwinkle, a six-month old kitty, has a tragic tale.  He climbed under a car and the car’s owner drove away, unaware that Periwinkle was under the car, and was dragged for who knows how long.  His injuries were so severe, it’s a miracle he survived. We will spare you the most graphic of the photos, but suffice it to say that when we saw the extent of his massive injuries, we knew we had to help and donated $200 towards his care.


Periwinkle’s leg could not be saved, and was amputated.  He had severe road burn all over his body, and underwent surgery to correct trauma to his jaw. Despite all of this, his rescuers found it difficult to photograph him because he wouldn't sit still, and he loves to head bonk and demands to be held.  Sweet Periwinkle immediately begins to purr as soon as a person looks at him. We are so thankful that there were folks who saw past his injuries to give this little guy a chance at a real life!

To help defray Periwinkle's $200 donation cost, please click here:

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