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Raleigh's Story



To help defray Raleigh's $250 donation cost, please click here:

Raleigh knew nothing but misery during the first 6 years of her life.  She survived being hit by a car twice (the first time without any medical care), witnessed the drowning of her puppies at the hands of cruel humans, and lived outdoors, neglected and unwanted.  Raleigh needed a place to heal from the old injuries as well as the new, and also suffered from incontinence and depression. 


A dear young woman who helps countless dogs like Raleigh took her under her wing and has spent many months rehabilitating her.  She knew that Raleigh wanted to live and committed to her care, and the hefty medical bill that would be incurred.

Tails of Hope took one look at Raleigh and knew we wanted to help, donating $250 to her care.  Today Raleigh has recovered from her injuries, is fully bladder continent, 90% bowel continent, and loves her foster friends.  She is happy to be alive and we are so grateful that there are folks out there like her rescuer—she never gave up on Raleigh and Raleigh never gave up on herself!

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