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Maisie's Story



Maisie was found as a stray in North Carolina in the dead of winter, having collapsed on the lawn of a Good Samaritan.  Her ears had been chopped off, her teeth filed down, she had an old torn lip injury, and an injured leg.  As if that weren’t enough, she was also heartworm positive and had serious heart and lung issues, as well as a large mammary tumor.


It was clear that she had been used extensively for breeding and she showed signs of abuse, likely a result of also being used as a bait dog for dog fighting.  She would run whenever she saw anyone carrying a sharp object such as scissors or a knife, a heartbreaking sign of the horrors she must have endured.


Yet, despite the suffering and pain she had endured at the hands of cruel humans, this girl was gentle and loving.  She is thriving in her foster home and has left the baggage of her former life behind.  Maisie is a living, breathing testament to the resilience and forgiveness that our canine companions all share! 

To help defray Maisie's $250 donation cost, please click here:

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