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Hazel's Story



To help defray Hazel's $489 donation cost, please click here:

Hazel was found chained and padlocked to a tree with no food or shelter in rural Arkansas.  By the looks of her skeletal frame, she had been there for quite some time.  The woman who saved her, who runs a rescue, did so on a rainy fall day, where Hazel stood, shivering in the cold.  She literally cut her free from her chains and Hazel jumped in her car, never looking back.  In addition to being emaciated and close to death, it was learned that Hazel was also heartworm positive.


Her rescuer needed to raise funds to pay for the cost of heartworm treatment.  Tails of Hope saw how much was raised, and contributed $489—the rest of the money needed to completely pay for Hazel’s medical bills—so that the rescue didn’t have to worry about the cost of her care and could focus on just getting her well.


Hazel has since been treated for her heartworms and is now at a healthy weight.  Her foster mom says “She is very sweet and starting to come out of her shell. She LOVES attention!”  Way to go Hazel—much love!

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