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Kane's Story



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Kane was rescued at the 11th hour from a shelter who was going to euthanize him due to the pain he was suffering from an injured front leg.  Luckily, a local rescue group stepped up for him and pulled him from the shelter.  He was taken to the vet where it was learned that he had two broken bones and a cracked tooth.  The doctor who examined him felt he had likely been in pain for some time.  She removed his tooth and set his leg as best as she could, but amputation still wasn’t out of the question.


After 5 months of rehabilitation, being in a splint and having his leg wrapped, and re-wrapped, Kane has healed, and amputation is longer on the table!  His foster mom says he “has come out of his shell and developed into a wonderful and friendly dog with a Labrador Retriever personality. He gets along with other dogs and one of his best friends is a cat. He is an awesome canine companion.”


Kane went from being terrified and in pain, minutes from euthanasia, to a loving, healthy, happy dog.  Goes to show what a little compassion and love can do—sometimes these guys just need a chance!

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