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Denver's Story



Denver found himself in a shelter in rural Georgia, where it was discovered that he suffered from rear-end paralysis due to an old spinal injury.  His back paws were raw from dragging them behind him.  He tried so hard to walk for the shelter volunteers, but just couldn’t. If this weren’t enough, Denver also tested positive for heartworm.


Upon hearing about his story, Tails of Hope donated $500 towards the cost of a cart for Denver, so that he’d still have mobility even with his paralysis.  He was pulled by a rescue and started receiving the medical care he so needed.  After some initial antibiotic treatments for his paws, Denver started taking steroids and began physical therapy.  Miraculously, he started walking again on his own!  He has been undergoing treatment for heartworm, and has made a full recovery in terms of his paralysis. 


Though he ended up not needing a cart, Tails of Hope asked that our donation be put towards his many medical costs.  This handsome boy currently resides in a foster home while finishing up his treatments. 

To help defray Denver's $500 donation cost, please click here:

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