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Charlotte's Story



Charlotte, a stray dog in rural North Carolina, was found on the side of the road, hit by a car, suffering a broken femur.  In shock and great pain, she was taken to a local vet by animal control. Without funds for life-saving surgery, she would be euthanized.  Upon learning of her plight, Tails of Hope immediately donated $500 to her care.  She had surgery that same day.


That night, while she was recovering, Charlotte began vomiting profusely and was clearly very ill.  It was learned that she had what appeared to be a large bone lodged in her abdomen.  The diagnosis was that she would again require emergency surgery or she would die.  Tails of Hope stepped in again, donating an additional $200 to her care.  When the surgeon opened her stomach, they found not only a bone, but leaves, grass, plastic bags, and an assortment of garbage.  It was clear this poor girl had been on her own for some time.


After a long recovery, Charlotte is now in a loving foster home, where she continues to heal from her physical and emotions wounds.  Her foster mom describes her as “a smart, energetic, fun-loving girl!”

To help defray Charlotte's $700 donation cost, please click here:

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