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First Annual Martin Klaiber Memorial Golf Tournament
Tails of Hope is honored to be a part of the First Annual Martin Klaiber Memorial Golf Tournament.

To learn Martin's story, and to support Tails of Hope, The Loudoun First Responders Foundation, and The Washington Regional Transplant Community, please visit

Remember Wrigley??

Looks like he's loving life with a family of his very own! Here are some words from his new dad:

     After the sudden loss of my best buddy for the past 11 years, Beau, it took alot of debating what my family should do.. We have so much love to offer so we decided to start looking just to see what dogs were out there.

     Enter Tails of Hope and Wrigley! After reading his story and seeing many "signs" we saw that gave other world connections to our family, we decided to submit an app and were promptly contacted! The emails and attention to answering all our many many questions were very professional and attentitive to our needs... so we decided to make the drive 90 min trip to visit and soooooo glad we did and that day we decided to adopt him.
Wrigley acclimated faster than we could have wished for to his new family and pack!! He was over majority of his shyness and timidness within a month after hard work and constant exposure to new places - people - sights - and sounds.
Hes incredibly loyal to his family of dogs/cat/humans, hes the BIGGEST baby and loving daddys boy, and literally has the worlds biggest heart. We needed him as much as he needed us. Surprisingly, he also helped get our cat and older Lab (and 11/9 yr companions of our lost dog) OUT of their very concerning depression.. as well as my grief over our loss of Beau. Wrigley has made such an impact on our family... such an important shift for the better. We will be forever grateful to Megan and Tails of Hope for helping us match with the perfect dog because we just cant even imagine not coming home to that happy boy and all his love.

Adopt an Animal

Tails of Hope rescues dogs who are facing euthanasia.  Tails of Hope does not take dogs from the public (owner surrenders).

We are not a facility. We are a network of private foster homes.  

Please see our link "Adopt an Animal" to review our requirements for applying for a Tails of Hope rescued dog.

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