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Spread the Love!

This Valentine’s Day, Tails of Hope will be Spreading the Love! for our upcoming Shelter Run, March 24-25. We’ll be taking a cargo van full of food and supplies down to WV, to help shelter animals and community pets alike.

Our primary focus this time around will be Webster County, WV, where the need is great. The shelter staff works miracles with the limited resources they have, but they need our help.  We’ll also be making a stop to visit our wonderful friends at the Tucker County, WV shelter, to take cat food and supplies.

To help the pets in the community, which has been ravaged by the effects of flooding and unemployment in the coal mining industry, we’re also putting together pet care packages (also listed below), each of which will include a bag of food, treats, and a toy.  One of the volunteers in the county has been going door-to-door to people with pets to offer low cost or free spay and neuter services, and she’ll be taking a care package to the folks she visits.  We firmly believe that, to improve the lives of companion animals in a community, you have to get the people of that community on board too, and this is our way of reaching out to them to let them know we are here to help!

We’ll be using your donations, below, to purchase the items from the shelter's wishlist (you are not actually purchasing the items—we’ll take care of that--so don’t worry, they will not ship to you).  If you are able to help us Spread the Love! we’d be most grateful, as would the animals who will benefit from your kindness.

We’ll add a candy heart to the jar for each donation received (please see list of our fabulous donors, below) . Check back often to see the jar fill up with blessings for these precious animals!  As always, thank you for your generous and continued support—we absolutely could NOT do this without YOU!


What's Needed




Kennel Sol

7 of 3

5 of 3

4 of 3

Slip Leads



22 of 20

25 of 20




33 of 20

61 of 50

Kuranda Bed

Igloo - med

Igloo - lg



Care package


55 of 40

11 of 11

3 of 3

3 of 3

6 of 6

Items Collected: 235 out of 182!

Our Incredible Donors!

Lynn Johnson

Lindy Whetzel

Meredith Hamulack

Amy Yates

Jeannette Bingaman

Jessica Fisher

Deborah Kempl

Shannon Karcher

Jan Buchanan

Adam Mitzner

Bonnie Rubin

Mae DeVincentis

Marilyn Underwood

Chris Knake

Barbara Rudnitsky

Joan Finegan

Amy Landry

Karen Kyle

Carol Brown

Brooke Loudermilk

Mary Hill

Wendy Mannarino

Marsha Forrer

Karen Owens

Leo Plourde

Marie Reiser

Janet Ring

Shirley Harris

Marguerite Duschl

Susan Johnson

Roz Silverstone

Brian Taylor

Nancy Brock

Jaimie Miller

Barbara Milner

Diane Mock

Stephanie Engel

Andrew Collins

Thomas Weber

Griffin Brodman

Dana Rudnitsky

Linda Smith

Nancy Slocumb

Lisa Brodman

Brenda Hopkins

New Chance Wellness

Trudy Weller

Lois Simpson

Carol Lee Mutchler

Patricia Chalkley

George Rudnitsky

Stephanie Klaiber

Carol Summers

Judith Eble

Christi Orlando

Sue Blair

Loren Newman

Erika Huck

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